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Mt Waverley总校交通问题


大家好!在过去的两个周末,尽管日校7号门停车场因工程暂停使用,所有老师和家长共同努力克服交通—尤其是泊车困难,坚持工作、坚持送孩子来上学,Mt Waverley总校不仅继续保持了学生高出勤率,而且无交通事故、无居民投诉。大家做得相当好,我向学校社区的每一位成员表示衷心的感谢,感谢大家一起维护了我们的学校,我们的老师将一如既往给学生们提供优质的中文教学。

今天,再跟大家讲一讲Mt Waverley总校的交通问题:

  • 据日校介绍,由于工程因素7号门停车场整个第四学期无法使用。我在周一至周五上学和放学期间观察,日校的老师和家长跟我们一样面临同样的堵车现象。但是,大家表现出极大的耐心,互相礼让,更有不少家长把车泊在离学校200米的街道上。每天的15分钟高峰期平安度过。
  • 我校绝大多数老师和家长的表现可圈可点,这就保证了学校的正常运作。但是,我们也发现由于极个别家长的不当泊车导致严重堵车情况的发生,日校的校园安全监控和我校工作人员有录像和拍照记录。我相信,经过提醒这些家长已经意识到自己的过错会有改进,更希望所有家长继续遵守交通安全准则,为孩子们做出好榜样。
  • 我们提请大家注意:市政府交通管理处的官员会在校园周边巡逻、开罚单。因此,请您务必看清标志以免受罚。
  • 为缓解上学和放学期间的交通紧张情况,从上个周末起,我校开设了免费早托、午托服务,即上午9:00点家长可将学生送到体育馆,中午12:45分来体育馆接。上个星期已有些家长这么做了,每位个人的小小行动必会产生蝴蝶效应,假如有100位家长提前把孩子送来或延迟来接,那么高峰期就会少100辆车。
  • 所有家长把孩子送来我们学校是对我们的信任,学校一定会根据家长的意见和建议,调整、改善服务,跟大家一起克服暂时的困难。




新金山中文学校是一所教育部认可的旨在保护儿童安全的社区语言学校,如果您对我校的有关儿童安全相关政策有任何疑问或建议,请登陆我校网站 https://xjs.vic.edu.au/child-safety/或致电98881688进行查询,也可发邮件至admin@xjs.vic.edu.au

Xin Jin Shan Chinese Language and Culture School

Principal’s Message

Dear teachers, students and parents,

In the last two weekends, although the Gate 7 on the senior campus of MWSC has been closed due to the onsite construction work, all the parents and teachers have got through the parking difficulty and teaching and learning activities of the school have not been disrupted. The attendance rate has been remained quite high and there have been no traffic accidents or complaints from residents. Well-done, everyone! I would like to present my sincere appreciation to every member of the community for supporting our school as usual and we would keep on providing high-quality Chinese language learning services to our students.

Today, I would like to talk again about the traffic issues on the senior campus of MWSC.

  1. We’ve been informed that Gate 7 would be closed for the rest of Term 4 due to the construction work onsite. I’ve checked the traffic condition around the senior campus Monday to Friday. Parents and teachers of MWSC face the same situation of traffic issue and they have demonstrated great patience and respect in driving and parking around the campus. Many parents park their cars 200 metres away from the campus and there has been no issue at all during the 15-minute peak time.
  2. Most teachers and parents of our school have done well in driving and parking around the campus which has ensured the smooth operation of the school. However, we’ve also noticed some serious traffic jam due to inappropriate parking of some parents and we have campus security camera footage and pictures taken by our admin staff as evidence. I believe they have realized their mistakes after being informed by the school. I hope all the parents could keep on observing the traffic regulations to set a good example for your child/ren.
  3. We would like to remind you that the traffic supervisors from local city council would patrol the area around the campus and issue infringement notices when needed. Please read the local parking signs carefully to avoid any unnecessary fines.
  4. To ease the pressure of parking during peak times, we have offered free morning and lunch cares from last weekend. Parents could drop off their child/ren at the Hall on the senior campus at 9am and pick them up from the Hall at 12:45pm. Some parents have done so very well last weekend. small changes can lead to large-scale variation in the future as butterfly effect works. If 100 parents drop-off early or pick-up late, there will be 100 cars less during the peak times.
  5. We sincerely appreciate parents’ trust for sending their children to our school on weekends. We would keep on revising and improving our services with parents’ feedbacks and suggestions. Let’s work together to get through this short-term difficulty.

I wish you all the best and see you on campus this weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Kevin Hu, Principal

Xin Jin Shan Chinese Language and Culture School is a DET-accredited Child Safe community language school. If you have any concern and suggestions regarding the school’s child safe policy, please feel free to visit  https://xjs.vic.edu.au/child-safety/ or call us at 9888 1688 or email us at admin@xjs.vic.edu.au.
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