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2021-04-22 01:19
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这封信是专门写给在新金山Mt Waverley总校任教和上学的老师、同学和家长的。在欢迎大家重返校园的同时,我要跟大家谈一个很重要也是每次写信都不得不要讲的我们总校的交通管理问题。

由于广大学生和家长们对我们新金山中文学校的认可,尤其是对我们Mt Waverley总校的偏爱,有不少家长每次来回上百公里甚至200多公里来到总校,周六周日总校学生有好几千了。虽然我们总校所有教职员工感谢大家的信任,也都尽心尽职努力教好每一位学生,但是总校的学生人数增多就不可避免会出现上下课家长接送期间校园附近的交通严重堵塞的状况,而万一那时出现紧急情况连救护车、消防车都无法通过。因而总校附近的居民多次向Mt Waverley中学、Monash市政府和州政府相关部门提出投诉(我知道有家长也对不遵守交通规则的行为做了投诉)。







Xin Jin Shan Chinese Language and Culture School

Principal’s Message

Dear teachers, students and parents,

I’m glad to inform you our Term 2 starts this coming weekend (17/18 April), a week earlier than usual to make up one week missed in Term 1 due to COVID-19 shutdown in Victoria.

Today I would like to talk about a very serious issue with all the teachers, students and parents coming to the senior campus of MWSC on weekends.

Thanks to the great support from students and parents especially those who travelled 100 or even 200 kms to our school, there are over thousands of students on the senior campus of MWSC on Saturdays and Sundays. We sincerely appreciate your support and our teachers are trying their best to make sure every single student is taken care of in their Chinese language learning. However, we have also encountered serious traffic jam issue around the campus with roads terribly blocked during dropping-off and picking-up time and it is extremely hard for the ambulance or fire-engine to pass through if any emergency occurs. The local residents have reported us to MWSC, Monash City Council and responsible government authorities for several times and sometimes the complaints are about misconducts of our parents breaching parking rules.

Any community language school could not survive without the contribution of teachers, students and parents, let alone the support from mainstream schools, local governments and local communities and residents. In the last few months, I have discussed with local resident representatives and the Principal of MWSC for various solutions and one of the best choices is to have staff and volunteers guide the traffic at local intersections which is applauded by local residents. However, the City Council does not allow us to do so and Victoria Police also advices that we can only guide the traffic within the campus. Therefore, we have to rely on you consciously abiding by the traffic regulations.

I believe we can do it. I have double-checked the parking signs around the senior campus of MWSC and noticed that there are many non-limit parking spots 50m or 100m away from the campus. Please find the enclosed parking map for your reference. You are not expected to park near the red lines. Green lines are safe for you to park with no limit. Green dotted lines are parking spots with time limit. Please read it carefully before parking.

It’ll just take you a few more minutes to find a safe and suitable parking spots without parking fines. Thank you for your great support and wish you a pleasant trip on weekends.

See you on campus.

Kevin Hu, Principal

Xin Jin Shan Chinese Language and Culture School

Parking Map of Senior Campus of MWSC

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